Welcome to the Ringstone in Aveland Group of Parishes.

There are five parishes in the Ringstone-in-Aveland Group:

All Saints, Dunsby;  St Andrew, Haconby; St Mary and All Saints, Kirkby Underwood;

St. John the Baptist, Morton and St Andrew, Rippingale. 

Our aim is to be a loving and welcoming Christian community that is open and inclusive.

 We rejoice that God’s love is all-embracing and we seek to reflect that love in our community of faith.


The church generally, and our diocese in particular, is at a liminal moment in its development. Clergy numbers are reducing, finances are strained and the involvement of local people in the running of our churches is becoming more important than ever, if our churches are to continue to operate.


Parish Churches are run by the PCC (Parochial Church Council) of which the Vicar or Rector is one member who works alongside other members of the laity. The church needs Church Wardens (two per church), Treasurers and Secretaries plus other members to make up these PCCs.


I said that we are at a liminal moment, and that is because many of our PCCs rely on people who have held these roles for many years and are now (or shortly will be) stepping down. The diocese is currently working towards the Resourcing Sustainable Church programme under which church governance will be one of the key factors in churches being able to continue to operate.


So, the bottom line is this. We urgently need you to come forward to take on these roles to ensure the future of YOUR churches. I cannot over emphasise the urgency of this.


Currently we are specifically looking for one Church Warden, Treasurer and PCC secretary for Morton, a Treasurer for Haconby and one Church Warden for Dunsby, as well as new PCC members.


I ask you all to prayerfully consider offering to serve on YOUR PCC, the future of your church depends on your response.


Please contact me if you feel this is something you are able to consider. Revd Neil

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APCMs 2021

Because the churches are still closed for much of the time, public notices about APCMs can be found here

Supporting your church

Even though your church building is closed, there are still many costs that cannot be deferred. Your support is vital, especially at this time and every penny counts.

For all churches, donations will help keep much loved churches open and serving their local communities in regular worship and milestone life events.

Please click on the link to your church to find out how you can support it.

St. John the Baptist, Morton

St. Andrew, Haconby

St. Mary and All Saints, Kirkby Underwood